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Welcome to the Forge LARP homepage!We are a free to play live action game and welcome anyone 18 or older, 16 or 17 with parent's permission to play!


It all began in the city of Nerune, on the continent of Korath. It began on the world of Charon. Kingdoms at war, spies and assassins, an alien race appearing through ancient portals. And one deity's decision that he was unhappy with his imprisonment for his crimes against the other gods. The punishment handed down by the other gods of the pantheon was for his eyes and tongue to be removed and he would be placed in solitary confinement for eternity. They all believed that he had gone mad. On that day, he swore that he would get his revenge.

Unbeknown to the gods, he quietly gathered followers for many hundreds of years. Most of them magic users. As he was Mogi, the god of magic. It only seemed to be the proper way to exact his vengeance.

Finally the day had come when he decided to begin his plans. He gave instructions to his followers to gather armies. They did so. They killed hundreds of millions of innocent people, all followers of the other gods. So indifferent of the mortal realm, the other gods did not know until it was too late. Their powers had weakened drastically, and Mogi was now more powerful than them. He was going to destroy all that the other gods created and loved. Charon was going to burn. He swore revenge.

Despite his gathering of many wizards, mages and other magic users, he did not persuade them all into joining him. A few resourceful members of the magic using folk found a portal, a way to escape the horrors of Mogi and his minions. This portal was found only days before Mogi's minions had found it. The portal could be powered so a few could cross into the next world.

But they found it wouldn't close. If they could not close it, Mogi would find another world to destroy. He had become drunk with power and rage. His revenge would spill into another world and it would be their fault.

Valiant warriors and powerful wizards fought Mogi's minions, hoping that their sacrifices would see their loved ones safe in a new world. Further and further back, closer to the portal their lines slid. It had become inevitable that they would fail and another world of innocents would be destroyed. Until one ordinary adventurer had enough.

Kuthar Bloodoath was not a pious man, he swore and cursed the gods at every opportunity. His faith was in his sword and in his hands. Not in some possibly fake omnipotent figure. He came to the town of Nerune, and helped the people with their problems. He even fought against the rumored thieves' guild known only as; The Syndicate. One day, Kuthar had bitten off more than he could chew... Hon, the god of the humans decided that he would help. Kuthar, fearing for his life, gladly accepted the assistance. He became a believer.

Back to the story at hand...

Mogi's armies were advancing towards the adventurers and the gate they rushed to move innocent civilians through. Adventurers and soldiers fought valiantly, many dying horrific deaths. Finally, it came time for the last of the people to move through this ancient gate. Mogi's general made one more push to try and capture this gate to take over another world. Kuthar, with Hon using him as a conduit for his power stood as the last defender and as the last of the refugees fled through the gate, using Hon's power and an unexpected drain of power from a planeswalker he destroyed the gate.Now, with a new world to explore, adventurers are plunged into the action and drama of peoples and races they've never before seen.

(More to come, still working on the rest. :P)

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